How Date Nights Can Improve a Marriage

Date nights are necessary for keeping the flame alive in your marriage. Too often, married couples get tied up with their children, family responsibilities, career and household tasks. These can easily take your attention away from your partner.

The answer to this problem is to pick a night each week or month and designate it as ‘’Date night’’. It’s time set aside just for you and your spouse, admiring each other and just having a great time, in general. Once you’ve chosen an official date night, commit to it and try your best to not schedule any other activities over the top of it unless it’s really important. Prioritizing your date night in your schedule makes it more special for the two of you.

The great news is that romantic nights with your spouse doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some suggestions to make the most out of each date night.

Make a it a shared activity

Take turns in planning and paying for your dates. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or elaborate. It should be something you would both enjoy as a couple or something that you like doing and want to share with your partner. In fact, date nights can be a wonderful way of learning new things about your partner and sharing your passions. That said, keep an open mind to what your partner may have planned. Although it might not be your favorite activity,  you should allow them to take the lead and try your best not to take the wheel and change the plan. After all, it will be your turn next week and you can pick the activities. Just enjoy every moment.

Go on nature dates

Find an outdoor activity and location that you’ve always wanted to experience. It can be a park in the middle of the city for a relaxing stroll, a picnic date beside a lake or a hike up a mountain. Nature has a way of refreshing your mind. It diminishes intense emotions and let us think clearly. If you want to talk about deep stuff, a nature date is recommended.

Try a new cuisine

Enjoy a good meal that’s new to one or both of you. Feed your partner with chopsticks. Maybe one of your haven’t tried sushi  or a Moroccan restaurant before. Go ahead, you both deserve it!

Bust out ideas from a ‘Date Jar’

Inside a date jar are pieces of rolled papers with funny, serious, silly and even naughty ideas for date night activities. It’s a great thing to have when you want more than just watching a movie or going to a dinner date. The general rule for the date jar is ‘’no throwbacks’’. It’s going to be a challenge at first to stick with the ideas when you draw an activity you are not a big fan or like ‘’karaoke’’ or  ‘’playing pool’’ but many couples end up enjoying whatever whatever is drawn once they’re in the moment. When you’re just starting, make sure to put in things you know you can both enjoy.

Marriage can turn a little bit sour after a while but there’s no reason for this to happen. Take the lead and plan an enjoyable date night. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It just has to be fun!

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